Adam Graham

Managing Director

I’m typically in the thick of things and with my sleeves rolled up. Always a fan of responsibility and carrying more than my fair share, I most recently held the responsibility of Communications Director For Representative Richard Morrisette’s Corporation Commission campaign.

  • Conceiving and deploying marketing campaigns
  • Planning and running events, such as fundraisers
  • Managing social media outlets to maximize a client’s ROI

My primary role in this firm includes orchestrating at the helm and deploying campaigns in the trenches. Overseeing operations, while being a key contributor, gives me the advantage to steer resources and add old-fashioned elbow grease to my clients’ projects.

An experienced and outgoing marketing professional, I approach clients with both a laser focus and a broad view. My skills and experiences ensure that each client receives VIP service with both the details and on the big-picture level.

Clients routinely comment on the powerful synergy I bring to the table, the result of his experience, strategic thinking, unfaltering commitment, and an unwavering work ethic. Additionally, I’m able to pull from a full group of subject matter experts as needed, ranging from traditional and digital artists to experienced writers. Having a battery of professionals available allows me to provide clients with communication services that go beyond marketing.

My approach is comprehensive due to my wide swath of personal experiences.  While a candidate in 2014 for the Oklahoma House of Representatives – District 54, I expertly balanced time spent with voters and my campaign staff.  I started and ran a non-profit for over five years—with a focus on helping children in Oklahoma.

Whether your organization is established, just starting out, or looking to evolve, you’ll be in good hands with Graham Strategies. I’ll be a potent agent of change as I seek to deliver a powerful combination of skills, experience, and resources.